About Us

We consider projects to be successful when they meet our clients’ objectives, are well received by the communities in which we work, and when they satisfy our goals for producing environmentally and socially responsible design.  We recognize that each one faces its own unique challenges but also presents its own special opportunities. We strive to create buildings and places that are functional, compelling, and beautiful. We apply rigorous thought, passion, and creativity to projects of all sizes, from row house renovations in historic neighborhoods to urban mixed-use high rises to area master plans.  We endeavor to develop relationships with clients, consultants, and communities that are professional, collaborative, and collegial. Through open communication and proactive problem-solving, we identify our clients’ objectives as well as those of other project stakeholders during the early stages of each project and then work diligently to attain them.  Our projects have consistently found success and past clients regularly ask us to undertake new work.